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Public opinion research and insight for political campaigns and public affairs.

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analytics-based message modeling 

There are millions of data points collected in each poll, making it impossible for the human brain to analyze every permutation of every variables within the polling data. But our analytics-based message modeling does analyze every permutation of every variables in order to identify combinations of messages that actually move voters. This provides a much more robust and actionable understanding of the target population.


Rather than simply being a static snapshot in time, we're able to harness predictive analytics to provide our clients with greater insight and a much higher degree of certainty in polling results.

"Kevin Reikes, who has conducted polling for candidates, Realtor groups and energy companies predicted that voters would jump at the chance to change the status quo on California housing."


about RAs

Research designed for consultants and campaigns

Research Analytics & Strategy was founded by Kevin Reikes because, as a consultant, he knew there was more information that could be culled from polling data.


Traditional polling data was only providing snapshots of the electorate rather than true roadmaps to victory.

"As consultants we spend hundreds of thousands on polling research, but there was too much data left on the table that wasn't being used in analysis and was wasted," Reikes said.


So in 1995 he put together a team to start developing analytic tools that provide deeper analysis and a greater understanding of voter attitudes and how voters and the public actually respond to campaign messaging.


"Today we can delve deeper into polling data, and produce robust high-level insights that we only dreamed about in the past." 

Reikes and his team are proud members of the American Association of Public Opinion Research.

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Research is Discovery

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We're curious and we love discovery. We want to know what the public is thinking, and why. Polling research provides those answers, and arms us with the data used to craft communications strategies that help our clients move the public.

Polls designed to identify "who's" going to win the race aren't as important as polls designed to identify "how" to win the race. Our polling is designed to identify clear messaging pathways to help political teams communicate with voters and win campaigns.


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