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Our approach to Polling

We believe that each public opinion survey is an experiment – a way to test messages and gauge responses. But to design those messages we first work with the client or the consulting team. Polls can be interesting and hugely informative. But unless they're developed in collaboration with the people who will be using them – all they are is interesting.

Kevin Reikes, who has conducted polling for candidates, Realtor groups and energy companies predicted that voters would jump at the chance to change the status quo on California housing.


about RAs

Research designed for consultants and campaigns

Research Analytics & Strategy was founded by Kevin Reikes because he ran campaigns. His consulting group was responsible for crafting, targeting and delivering messages, but too often there were disconnects between the messages tested by the pollster and the messages that consultants needed to test. So in 1995 he put together a team to develop survey tools that actually tested what consultants needed to know in order to move the public on political issues, development projects or critical legislation.

Over 20 years later RAS is still identifying messages that can move public opinion. Reikes and his team are proud members of the American Association of Public Opinion Research.


Research is Discovery

There are two types of political polling. Predictive Analysis which attempts to predict the winner of a political campaign, and Message Testing which is used to help engineer an election night victory. We focus on Message Testing.

For pundits and some members of the media, predictive analysis is just fine. But job is helping our clients win important races. Understanding the electorate is the first step in moving your targeted audiences and generating support...or opposition for a candidate, legislation or an issue.


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